How easy is find taxi for tourist?

One of the things that tourist have on mind when they are planning a trip to another country is how they are going to move around the city which they will visit. So, they start searching for information on the internet about the way of transportation that they will use in their daily basis of their vacations: taxis. Taxis are the best way for tourists to move around the city, from one place to another, knowing the city and each part of it, its attractions and houses, its roads and streets, everything. In this article we will talk about Paris, and how the situation of taxis is in the city. And we will make a point clear for the tourists that want to go or are planning to go there: how easy is finding a taxi in Paris Taxis are a way of public transportation provided by services with regulated rates consisting of a transport vehicle with a transport authorization and a license from the city council that the driver must have at every moment, which offers transport services for one passenger or a small group of passengers directed to the same or different destinations by contract or money. Usually, the places where the passenger is picked up and left are decided by the provider (offeror), while in the case of the taxi ( reservation taxi ), the user (claimant) determines them. That is, a difference from the other types of people transport, such as the metro, tram or bus lines, the service offered by the taxi is characterized by being door to door.

In France, especially in the most populated and visited cities, the models of cars used for providing taxi services are Peugeot, and they became a part of the cars used as taxis in the country in the 90s, this brand has a lot of models, and one of them, for instance is the Peugeot 406. Other models of taxis used in the streets of the French cities are from brands such as Škoda, Toyota, Citroën and Renault.The models of Mercedes Benz are also used for providing taxi services, they are more luxury and fancy, and are generally used to offer services to famous and important people, such as politicians, musicians, actors, and people who have a great hierarchy in the European societies, or simply. In Paris is common to find these taxis, they abound on the Parisians streets, so, it is easy for tourists to see them and take their services and to pay them according with the regulatory rates that taxis in Paris have. “When I arrived in Paris and I saw the models of taxis that were on the streets, I was like: whoa! I mean, I come from Peru, where models of taxis are usually Toyota Yaris, Nissan Sentra V16, Kia Rio, Chevrolet Sail or Hyundai Accent, but here there are Mercedes Benz as taxi! I wish to have a taxi driver with a Mercedes Benz who can pick me up from my home to my office, and vice versa. That would be something real epic!” said a Peruvian man when he was saying his opinion about the models of taxis in Paris. “And another thing is that they are not difficult to find, you can see them in every part of the city. I think I’m considering moving here.” finished the Peruvian man while he was admiring other cars that passed by in that moment.

Taxis in Paris are said to be the best way of moving around for tourists, however they are even more expensive than the public transportation. Yet it is more comfortable and suitable, because for tourists who come and go from one place to another, it could be a little bit complex. Just picture a tourist arriving alone in Paris, he is by himself with his luggage, and he arrived at night, he does not know anyone in the city, he have to go to the hotel in order to talk with the receptionist to give him the key of his room (he made the reservation on the internet). It is his first time in Paris and he decides to get to the hotel by taking the public transportation. He does not speak French at all and decides to take a bus and walk to the hotel, maybe because he wants to save money. Although it is a good decision to save money, for a tourist in a new city, the best thing for him to do is: to take a taxi. He could get lost trying to look for the public transportation stop or asking for the directions of the hotel, or worse. So, indeed, the taxi services are very important for the tourists, and for many local people, as well.

Taxis are distributed around Paris, and it is something well known, because, as Paris is one of the most popular cities for tourists to visit in the world, then tourists will be distributed around the city, as well. Especially in the most popular places in the city, such as the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre Museum, the Moline Rouge, the Pont Neuf, the Arch of the Triumph, the Gardens of Luxembourg, among other touristic places, that make Paris a city with a beautiful set of cultural and social attractions and monuments. Another way to find taxis in the city, in case you feel it is a little bit complicated to find them, is by contacting companies that provide taxi services. There are many companies of trust in Paris, and they guarantee that they will give a good service. They tend to be in time, or even before the hour of your pickup, and if you want a full service, they will do their best to be in time at the destination where they left you and bring you to the destination where they picked you. There are also services as Uber working in Paris to give the tourist who are already familiarized with the application another vow of trust.

“I don’t usually call for taxis, I prefer to get out to the street and taking one on my own. And this is something that always works for me, because there are always many taxis passing by my home.” said a Parisian man after being asked about the frequency of taxis passing by over the streets of his home. Paris counts with more than 20,000 taxis (legally checked by the city) distributed all over the streets, so from that perspective, taxis are enough to cover the demand of number of tourists who come from other countries in the world for having the opportunity to feel, for some days or weeks, the essence of love and romance that Paris has. The situation of not finding a taxi can be more complicated at night, when it could happen that taxis are difficult to find, because not many of them work at late hours of the night. On the other hand, it is recommended to walk to the closest avenue or to the nearest main street, because they tend to pass by over these streets with more frequency. In the day is more common to find a taxi faster, even in the secondary streets of the city. Yet, this recommendation also works for these cases if it turns difficult to find a taxi in your location.It is preferable avoiding taking a taxi in the morning until 11:00, and in afternoons from 16:00 to 20:00, because the streets are crowded and the traffic is really heavy, so it could take an eternity to go in a taxi to one place to another. And this is something that tourists do not know so much, so if you are a tourist, it will be good for you to take this advice.

“I haven’t had problems with finding taxis in the city, I’m here since the last month and I figured out myself to survive in this city, although, there aren’t things to survive to. It could be a little bit more difficult to find a taxi at late hours at night, because not many taxis work at late hours. However, I realized that in the main streets and avenues of the city, taxis tend to pass by more often, even if it is 2 a.m. or 3 a.m., taxis are still passing around. So, I will say that the situation of finding a taxi here in Paris is not so complicated. The problem is not wanting to find a taxi, ha, ha, ha.” said a Chilean young man who came here to Paris to study when he was asked about the situation of taxis here. In general, it is easy for tourists to find taxis, and this is due to them, in part. Since the beginning of our modern age, France has been an icon of the human glamour and beauty, of the romance and love, of the fashion and fanciness, and this is one of the main attractions (not physical) for tourists, They want to be part of the country by just enjoying some moments, taking some pictures, walking through the medieval streets, listening to the music that musicians offer in the streets, and more. It is something that makes tourists feel at the top of the hill in their lives.

“I always wanted to come here to Paris, since I was a child I dreamt with visiting the Eiffel Tower, and when I first saw it…it was like a dream becoming true. I love this city so much! And well, answering your question… it is easy to find taxis over here. They are all over the city. In fact, I have seen that in some touristic places, there are more taxis than tourist people.” said a foreign woman when she was asked about how easy is to find a taxi in Paris and why she was in here. And with that feeling spread in not just Europe, but America, Africa, Asia, Oceania, and the countries that are part of those continents, the people who agglomerate in Paris need transportation to know the Parisian places and feel the Parisian feeling: that is why there are many taxis. Taxis are part of the touristic attractions in a deep perspective, they are the transport that offers you and entrance and exit of that Parisian world. Generally, tourist say that finding a taxi in Paris is really simple and easy, that there are not problems or issues with it and that they are very responsible with their jobs. Tourists say that taxi drivers will take you and bring you anywhere and they will do it with the interest of providing a good service. Although, sometimes there are some exceptions, but the majority of people who come to Paris as tourists agree in something: taxi services in Paris are easy to find and they will ensure you a good, safe and delightful trip to every part of the city.

“I met a taxi driver before who gave me my first taxi service in Paris. He picked me up in the airport and he gave me to the house of my grandparents. I asked some questions in French and he understood me clearly, he even said that my French was really good, and I just said one of the first things that I learned about the language: “merci beaucoup”. He was so nice with me, and we were talking in all the journey to my destination. When we arrive to my grandparents’ house I asked for his number. And since that day, I had my personal taxi driver in Paris. So, while I practiced French talking with him, I learned many things about the Parisian culture, and the French one in general, and enjoyed so much my first trip in Paris. I still talk with him from time to time, and I haven’t told him that I’m here in Paris again, I’m planning to call him in spontaneously and tell him: “Hey, I’m here at the Eiffel Tower, come and pick me up!” said a Canadian woman when she was giving her opinion about taxis in Paris. So, if you are a tourist and wants to go to Paris, just do it, there are too many taxis there for you!